I have had a card with Direct Merchants for many years. Always kept it even though it was my highest interest card at 14.9%.

I lost my job, but have continued to make payments on their card, and all my others. But somehow they must have sniffed this information out, because recently, low and behold, they raised my rate to 24.99%. Now I have a $7900.00 limit and $4000.00 on it. If they were so concerned about getting their money, don't you think they would have lowered my credit amount too?

But I still have $3900.00 of credit available. I guess they want me to use the credit so they can just make a ridiculous amount of money off my temporary hardluck situation.

Of course, I can't negotiate a lower rate, because I don't have a job!! This is how banks like this FORCE people into bankruptcy!!!

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Brandon, Florida, United States #714231

Hey I got you beat... Mine is 27.99% now and they will not even try to negotiate a lower APR plus... I've had their card since 2006.


After having a card with DMB for over 14 years and never missing a payment or due date, i was shocked when the interest rate increased by 10% on the July 09 bill to 24.99%. I quickly paid the card off and am going to send members of congress a copy of the statement.The foreigner I reached on the phone just wanted to verify my work phone # and read the statement interest rate back to me.

Take a look at DMB's website, no 24.99% mentioned on it. Good luck

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