Oneida, Wisconsin

aparently, if you have a similar name as someone else, they take you to court for missed payments. of witch i never received a credit card for.they say they sent me bills and aparently, i made a payment back in dec.

2005. I never even owned this credit card!!!! let-alone made this payment!!!! WHERE DID THEY SEND THE CREDITCARD???

WHERE DID THEY SEND THE STATEMENT!!! that's who they should be going after!!! all i received is a court date for missed payments!!!

some help for the little guy would be nice!!!

where do you go from here??? COURT IN TWO WEEKS! HOW IS THAT FAIR?? Anyone out there have a clue as to what to do?

Running out of time.... talking lots of money to me.

i can't afford this other persons bill. if someone knows what to do please contact back to this web sight.

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