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Direct Merchants Bank offered me a pay off settlement of my credit card balance. I paid it but they are still billing me for the rest.

I have made numerous phone calls to customer service and dozens of emails-some of them not so friendly. I am still being billed for the balance, along with late fees because I refuse to pay it. I asked for a pay off amount, and they offered it. Now they aren't honoring it.

I tried to log in on the website-and it says unable to log in w/a c/s number.

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I had a credit card with them too some years ago. I signed up with a debt reduction agency and all my creditors EXCEPT DMB were willing to work with me to help get the debt paid off.

We kept sending them proposals and they would not respond to them. We would call and call and I too got to the point I could not log in on line....meantime, over the limit fees and late fees kept piling up.

After 6 months of hassle with them, I consulted a lawyer and he advised me to just declare bankruptcy which I did. DMB is notorious for this kind of stuff and have been involved in several class action lawsuits over such practices....advise everyone you know to stay away from them !

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