I have a Discover Card issued by Direct Merchants Bank. When I went to the Discover Card site and tried to register online, I was told my information did not match their files.

I have no account with them. Direct Merchants Bank calls me day and night at all hours, disturbing my son and me. Thank God for caller I.D. My account is in good standing, and they have no reason to call, but they do!

Now, I find out I may not have a true Discover Card after all! I wanted to contact them online, since, if I call, I get India and people with thick, hard to understand accents. Although, I must say, they are very polite and hard to get angry at. I have seen here and on the Ripoff Report many complaints about the way this bank does business.

I am tired of the phone calls, especially when my account is not overdue or over the credit limit.

These banks and corporations are completely out of hand!

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I am locked out from my account. I have made several attempts to get thru, no luck.

I called a toll free number, and was given a temp password to access my account, but could not understand the foreign guy, Called again, same thing. I am really frustrated now, Everytime I try to log in, screen says my info does not match their files. So will you send me a password @ b_lewis@verizon.net ?

I'm trying to be nice, but my patience is wearing thin! Acct.# (5458001817113867)

Maxeville, Lorraine, France #21216

I have had great success with my Direct Merchants Bank Discover card. I knew when I applied that it was a Discover in name only and that my lender was HSBC/Direct Merchants.

My limit has grown to $5,000 and have never received a call from them. I pay my balnce in full each month and have had no issues. As far as India, I normally get them or the Phillipiines and love the great conversations we have.

It's always pleasant. I love Asian people anyway!

Jamestown, Ohio, United States #17062

I have the same problem. DMB's Discover cards can't be registered on Discover site, only their own site. It's a shame, since discover offers one-time use virtual numbers.

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