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Could I tell you a story about direct merchants bank. It is a story that started in 1999 and still happens today.

My husband had a card with them when he injured his back and could not work. for over a yr he had no income and when we did get a settlement if was not enough to pay off all of the bills he had. So we called all of the companies he had debt with and all but direct merchants accepted a offer of by out at a lesser rate then he owed. His original debt was lass than $500.00 they wanted all of the $3800.00 that accumilated in a yr.s time.

We paid them $2700.00 and to this day they are still selling our debt a s unpaid to other companies and when they contact us and try to sue us we have to go through the whole thing all over again.

Talk about a thorn. Tamina Abbott

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Check out this website ...


they have an online complaint form you can fill out


With any luck they will go belly up , along with all the other predatory lenders ..... :zzz

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #21026

Thats exactly what they are doing to me!! They offered me a pay off settlement, I paid it and they are billing me for the rest of the balance!

I have had no luck with customer service.

I've even been told that the balance would be corrected by the next billing cycle. It isn't, of course.

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